Welcome. I'm Theia!

Armed with 5 years of product design experience, a Master's in Computer Science, and my trusted sidekick Lami the standard poodle, I approach design with enthusiasm and creativity. I only work on products when I believe they're filling an important human need.

Portfolio ID Spinning

Yotta Re-Design

Americans find it difficult to save money, and yet spend hundreds on lotteries every year. Yotta makes saving fun enough to help people save. 

Appian Vendor Management

It's an unpleasant, manual, and cumbersome process for the government & vendors to communicate. We're fixing that.  

Yotta Features

Helping people easily invest millions in I-Bonds, a highly profitable but very inaccessible savings bond & organize their weekly tickets. 

Appian Source Selection

Revolutionizes government staff efficiency in picking the best vendor proposal for a job  


College is when some people feel the most alone. This anonymous online space transforms the conversation around mental health. 

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My Design Philosophy


Function over flash(iness). Product design is not graphic design, and excessive movement, pizzaz, and beauty can be distracting to users – especially extensive scrolling animations.


Click me? I can't! Small text and buttons make me want to scream. I always try to balance whitespace with object size and readability. 


If users truly come first, then collaboration will flow easily. No one will fight for their ideas or ego if everyone is on the same page re: product priorities. 


DIY: When in doubt, code it yourself! When I'm stuck on a concept or design, actually starting to create the product allows me to snip off any potential iterations that don't naturally follow the technical setup of the product.