👆🏼 That's me (Theia) and my son (Lami)

On one crisp fall day in London, I was studying government and pre-law at the LSE when I just realized I couldn't do it anymore. I couldn't fight against my love for design, collaboration, and creativity – I pivoted my life plans right away, even though I hadn't heard of "UX" before. 

Since that day, I've amassed 5 years of UI/UX experience across web applications, iOS and Android, AR/VR and game design, and accessible design. I've even picked up A.I., computer science, 3D modeling, animation, and engineering on the side. 

I'm so grateful I can deeply dig into complex human-centered problems & create beautiful digital solutions every day. 


Growing up in 3 different continents

I grew up in New Zealand & China and have gladly settled in New York City, but I'd still call New Hampshire my home; I studied there at Dartmouth College, where I graduated with a Bachelor's in Government & Human-Centered Design and a Master's in Computer Science & Digital Arts. I'm grateful for the scholarships and financial aid that covered my entire tuition, and hope to pay it forward later on. 

Amateur Hairdressing

I've dyed around 50 heads of hair! I greatly enjoy giving free haircuts and dye jobs to my friends, so if you'd like to get your hair done by an amateur, I gotcha. 

Sustainable/Second-hand shopping

I love hunting down furniture, appliances, and clothes in thrift stores and online marketplaces! I'd estimate that about half of my things are secondhand. Let's chat about our favorite hacks and ways to prioritize quality over quantity. 

Krav Maga

It's recently become a huge bright spot in my enrichment time (like a hamster running on a wheel). My sparring partners have commented that they feel my moves before they see them! 

All kinds of music performance

I used to sing a cappella, conduct choruses and bands, and play the flute in orchestras. I'm still trying to find music groups in NYC, so if you have suggestions, please send me a note! I've sung for the Obamas, performed at Vienna's Musikverein concert hall, and (most importantly) I've marched dozens of miles as a Drum Major. My favorite performances have probably been Tchaikovky's 5th, Medea's Meditation, Candide, Harlem Symphony, and The Planets.