Connecting health plans to the telehealth solutions their customers need & reducing redundant solutions. 

Jun 2023 - present • Lead Designer


I worked on both consumer-facing and business-facing products, starting with an embedded experience. 

Health care consumers can log into their insurance's website & use Architect's embedded product to search for telehealth solutions. 


For health insurance companies, Architect offers a database of hundreds of telehealth options to compare & partner with. I'm currently designing a way for these insurance employees to filter through new and existing solutions. 

For example: if a healthcare plan offers too many online therapy options, Architect will suggest keeping the best solution based on an algorithm that weighs company reliability, health equity, and efficacy. If a healthcare plan is lacking in women's health, Architect will also suggest the top women's health solutions based on the same algorithm.


This is still a work in progress, so please reach out for updates or come back in a few months when the project has wrapped up!